"Developing a top thoroughbred product from its planning."


Kris Stuebs has worked in Kentucky's thoroughbred industry for over 25 years.  Experience in nearly every area of the business has been invaluable in developing Kris S. Bloodstock into a multifaceted agency with strong specialties available to clientele. 

BLOG FEATURE:  "Kris S." publishes a feature in  blog format in addition to other pedigree focused blogs.  These features will work to highlight graded stake winning horses whose nick grade is considered weak, pointing out patterns that nicking services cannot predict.  The goal of this feature is to educate mare owners regarding the unpredictable variables in planning the mating between a mare and a stallion that popular main stream mating services absolutely cannot factor into their grading systems.  

PEDIGREE POST: 2012 Poor Commercial Ratings on Top Horses - WERK Rates 2012 Australian Triple Crown Winner an F!!

PREVIOUS WEBLOG:  Subject:  3 Juveniles, 3 Grade 1 Stakes, 3 Failing Grades given by a commercial pedigree platform. 

Special Agency Highlights


"Could YOU Have Bred This Horse?"
The evidence is becoming more obvious that computer algorithms cannot predict a great mating and a top class racehorse.  Great breeders of the past bred some of the best horses of our time before a computer was invented.  This weekly blog will highlight a graded horse each week who scored a poor nick rating, but whose mating displayed THE PROVEN PATTERNS used by the historically successful breeders.

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Beginning soon, Kris Stuebs will train a live web camera on her canvas while she is painting.  For those who enjoy watching artists over their shoulder as they work, this gives you the ability to do so without anyone knowing...including the artist.  Most pieces will be offered for sale upon completion.  More...
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